My name is Danny Vartan. Since the age of 17, I have spent most of my life helping others as a volunteer firefighter here in New Jersey.


 The very first fatal accident I responded to involved a tractor trailer which had become disabled along the side Interstate 95. The driver was standing in front of his truck attempting to repair the problem when his truck was slammed from behind by another tractor trailer and literally pushed over him. It was a horrible scene!

 That incident never left my mind along with others I had responded to as well as heard about from my brother and sister first responders. 

 Several years ago with the encouragement and "PUSH" of a close friend who loved my idea, I began the journey to invent my own multi-function LED Flare/Flashlight to not only help firefighters and police officers to be safer when they are operating on a roadway at a vehicle accident or fire scene but to also provide civilian drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers, limo drivers, etc. with an extremely effective pro-active (unlike reflective triangles) visual warning device to help them be seen if their vehicle becomes disabled, has a flat tire, or have any other type of roadside emergency. My invention quickly came to be known as the "EMERGI SAFE".

 I designed the EMERGI SAFE 2020 to be a multi-function, versatile, user friendly, extremely bright LED Flare which would stand 12 inches tall so as to be more easily seen from a greater distance and also in snowy conditions where other lights would be quickly covered over.



 I took the photo below showing the aftermath of an accident on a NJ highway when a vehicle broke down in the left lane and was slammed from behind at high speed.

Snapshot 1 (9-9-2015 6-40 PM).png

 I am sure all of you have seen emergency workers and civilian drivers alike using the old style incendiary strike flares which emit copious amounts of noxious/choking smoke, sparks, and flames which can cause burn injuries as well as easily igniting a fire if used near dry vegetation or in the presence of leaking flammable liquids and/or vapors if they come in contact with the flares. 

 Most people I have spoken with don't even like the idea of lighting an incendiary strike flare and wonder what they will do in 15 to 30 minutes when the flare burns out.


 Another innovative use for my EMERGI SAFE 2020 is for the nighttime marking of work zones for utility and construction crews. In this type of setting, the EMERGI SAFE 2020 can simply be placed under 28 or 36 inch tall traffic cones to create an even more highly visible visual safety indicator.