What do you use to power the EMERGI-SAFE™?

The EMERGI-SAFE™ uses 3 D-Size Batteries.

How long will the batteries in an EMERGI-SAFE™ last?

Three good quality D-Size batteries will provide the following amount of time*:

  • Fast Flash = 72 hours
  • Steady-On = 60 hours
  • Slow Flash = 80 hours
  • Rotating Flash = 130 hours
  • Flashlight = 96 hours
  • Strobe Signal = 96+ hours
  • Lantern = 100+ hours

* Times may vary slightly

What are the EMERGI-SAFE™  specs?

EMERGI-SAFE™ is safe, easy to use, versatile, and environmentally friendly. Here are the specs:

  • 12 inches tall in the base plate and its LED module features 16 high power, wide angle Bi-Color (Red/White) LED’s to provide a full 360º of high-intensity warning and white lantern as well as a 250 Lumen LED for the flashlight function.
  • Push button for On/Off/ functions, multiple flash patterns, field replaceable lens, field replaceable LED module. 
  • 4 integral body loops for the attachment of an optional shoulder strap. 2 integral body clips, easy grip base plate, and a universal fit traffic cone ring.
  • Powered by 3 Alkaline “D” cell batteries provide up to 145 hours of operation.
  • Comes complete with the easy grip rubber base plate, universal fit traffic cone ring.

What happens if I crack the lens, or lose the base?

The following EMERGI-SAFE™ parts are replaceable and available at www.emergisafe.com

  • Clear Polycarbonate Lens
  • Polycarbonate Battery Cap
  • Rubber Base Plate
  • On/Off/Function Button
  • Polycarbonate Traffic Cone Ring

There are also the following accessories available directly from the website:

  • Adjustable Nylon Shoulder Strap (adjusts from 3 feet to 6 feet long)
  • Heavy Duty Carry/Storage Bag
  • Professional/military grade waterproof storage case