Multi-Function LED

Flare - Flashlight - Signal Strobe Light - Work Light - Lantern


e-flare and PowerFlare

Height + Brightness = Visibility: The purpose of a traffic warning beacon (flare) is to warn vehicle drivers away from your emergency scene, work zone, disabled vehicle, etc. Unlike those low profile “Hockey Puck” style LED flares, the EMERGI-SAFE 2020 was designed from the beginning to be TALL and BRIGHT so as to be “SEEN” in the first place and thus avoided by drivers.

**Please Note: If drivers are coming close OR running over your "Hockey Puck" style LED flares, it's probably because they are not seeing them in the first place. Also remember that during snowy weather when a lot of vehicle accidents will happen, it will only take 1 1/2" of snow to completely cover those Hockey Puck style flares.