Brother, just wanted you to know you have a top notch product! It's been through heck and is still going strong.

It's been submerged, rained on, banged around in metal boats, and been left on for hours at a time during missions. Congratulation on knocking it out of the park with your EMERGI SAFE!

Your EMERGI SAFE was used and abused and kept right on going. It made it through 2 MAJOR hurricanes resulting in HUNDREDS of rescues and it never once let me down. It worked flawlessly every step of the way.

Even in the middle of the night in heavy downpours, I know when those victims saw your EMERGI SAFE headed toward them, they knew that help was headed to them.


Chris Mitchum

Fire Captain & Master Diver (Louisiana, U.S.A.)

September 2017 after operating in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma