Why choose the EMERGI SAFE  Multi-Function LED Flare - Flashlight - Strobe Signal Light - Work Light - Lantern?

A great value at $69.95 each!

The Dangers of Road Flares:

Traditional flares:

Burn at over 1500° F: Even minor contact with clothing can cause 3rd degree burns and injuries have also been reported during the ignition of strike flares with pieces of burning magnesium being stripped off the flare.

Strike Flare 2.jpg

Chemical exposures include: Strontium Nitrate, Sulfur, Potassium Perchlorate, Potassium Chlorate, and shellac, which can all cause eye, skin, and lung irritation and has been linked to possible child birth complications and birth defects.

Release the toxic chemical Perchlorate into groundwater which has been known to cause skin irritation, nausea, vomiting, and fatal aplastic anemia.

Can cause brush and haz-mat fires if used in inappropriate situations or locations (e.g. a fuel spill or an area with dry brush).

The EMERGI SAFE Multi-Function LED Flare - Flashlight - Strobe Signal Light - Work Light - Lantern

The EMERGI SAFE Multi-Function LED Flare - Flashlight - Strobe Signal Light - Work Light - Lantern is an all-in-one solution to safety in one of the most dangerous places in any industry. Combining a Multi-Function LED Flare - Flashlight - Strobe Signal Light - Work Light - Lantern into one easy to use device, the EMERGI SAFE is highest performing visibility product on the market. Designed by a firefighter, the EMERGI SAFE is built to outshine and outlast the competition, but above all, keep you safe.



  • LED’s do not give off any heat under normal use
  • No toxic chemical exposure– no release of chemicals into the environment
  • Just as effective for driver visibility as a traditional road flare
  • 360° of high-visibility provided by 16 wide-angle LEDs

Height + Brightness = VISIBILITY: The purpose of a traffic warning beacon (flare) is to warn vehicle drivers away from your emergency scene, work zone, disabled vehicle, etc. Unlike those low profile “Hockey Puck” style LED flares, the EMERGI-SAFE™ 5-in-1 Emergency Flashlight was designed from the beginning to be TALL and BRIGHT so as to be “SEEN” in the first place and thus avoided by drivers.

**Please Note: If drivers are coming close OR running over your "Hockey Puck" style LED flares, it's probably because they are not seeing them in the first place. Also remember that during snowy weather when a lot of vehicle accidents will happen, it will only take 1 1/2" of snow to completely cover those Hockey Puck style flares.


  • 4 Flash Patterns
  • O-Ring sealed water resistant design
  • 2 colors available per LED module
  • 4 high strength attachment points for use with shoulder strap (not included) or other mounting options
  • 250 lumen CREE LED flashlight (with signaling function) and worklight/lantern (with dim setting for longer battery life)
  • Field replaceable parts for easy change out of LED colors or maintenance on the go
  • 2 Integrated high-strength body clips for attaching to belt, safety vest, or traffic cone 


  • Lens, Body, Battery Cap, Base Plate, and Traffic Cone Ring are MADE IN THE U.S.A.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • High-impact Polycarbonate body and lens measuring 12.0” tall with base plate for increased visibility
  • Battery life on one set of D-cell batteries can save you the cost of up to 260 30-minute flares or nearly $400!
  • Effective operating times: 3 D-cell Batteries– Steady on: 60 hours, Fast Flash: 72 hours, Slow Flash: 80 hours, Rotating Flash: 130 hours, Flashlight: 96 hours, Work light: 100 hours.
  • Low battery indicator light